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Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 2018

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I was working in a very long topic and suddenly saw a broken link notification. RoboHelp shows four broken links to the same popup, but of course clicking Edit does not take me to the actual link RH thinks is broken, only to the page. I had not touched that popup anywhere in the topic. I have checked every one of the named popups--and there are many--and they all display properly. I checked the links in the RH topic and in the topic preview. How can I get resolve an error that's not there?


Never mind. The problem was that the popup link text is shown two different ways (I did not create this topic) and I copied some links that used the second format. RH does not like to copy links, I've found. I could have easily figured this out if RoboHelp was actually helpful enough to take you directly to whatever links it thinks are broken.








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