Boolean Search is now available for all Adobe Stock users!

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Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018

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Boolean search was available ever since Adobe Stock was there, but when we introduced Adobe search by A/B testing a while back - we gave our customers mixed experience where percentage of users were blocked from using boolean keyword search.

Here is quick overview and intro for those who needs some refresh how these work:

Input keywords as:

  • tiger AND lion >> you will see many images with tiger and lion or images with keywords of both tiger and lion
  • tiger OR lion >> you get combined results where you would see by searching tiger and lion separately
  • football not soccer, football -soccer, football - soccer >> all three will give you football only excluding any asset with soccer keyword in it
  • "new york" >> asset with keyword new york in it
  • new york >> asset with keyword new & york
  • (cat or mouse) or (horse or house) >> same effect of combined search of each item
  • (cat or mouse) and (horse or house) >> asset will contains one of them from each bracket
  • ...
  • ...







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