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How to get help quickly

Adobe Employee ,
Apr 14, 2009 Apr 14, 2009

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This is a user-to-user forum. Unless you see EMPLOYEE under a screen name, you should assume the poster is an unpaid volunteer. Everyone's time is valuable, including yours. The following tips will help you get answers more quickly:


  • Give your post a meaningful subject line, indicating of the nature of the problem.
  • Give sufficient details (such as operating system, browser, hardware platform, and other relevant information) for others to understand the nature of the problem, but don't go overboard. Short, focused questions tend to get answered more quickly.
  • If your problem concerns a web page that doesn't display as expected, upload the page to a public website and give the URL. But don't post links to anything you don't want indexed by a search engine. Create a test folder on the site, and remove the page when the problem has been solved.
  • Give details of any error messages.
  • Say briefly what you have done to try to solve the problem yourself.
  • If your question involves a database or server-side technology, such as PHP, ColdFusion, or ASP, say which one, and include it in the subject line.


  • Don't post a series of questions in a single post. Splitting them into separate threads increases your chances of a quick answer.
  • Don't repeat the same question in different forums, as this makes it harder for both you and those trying to help you to keep track of progress. Duplicate posts will be deleted.
  • When someone has answered your question, don't start asking more questions in the same thread. Keeping threads separate with clear subject lines makes it easier for others who might have the same problem to find the information they need.
  • Don't be impatient. If you don't get an answer in 24 hours, post a follow-up question in the same thread, asking if you need to give more details. The lack of replies might also indicate that no one else knows the answer.
  • Don't hijack existing topics by replying with unrelated questions or suggestions. Start a new discussion thread so your question stands out.






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