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Force Reading Order Change With Javascript for Screen Reader?

Community Beginner ,
Dec 09, 2022 Dec 09, 2022

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I am having a bit of an issue with trying to prepare a document I'm creating to be accessibility-friendly. I have attached a test document to showcase the issue I'm having. Basically, I have a Yes / No Radio Button pair. When No is selected in the radio button, section A is disabled, and I would like the focus to jump to Section B so that the screen reader does not have to iterate through all of section A since it doesn't need to be filled out. I also attached an image of the reading order to showcase what I mean. When 'No' (Reading order #8 item) is selected, I'd like for it ideally to jump to reading order item #19. 


I have tried adding this JS line to the No button:




The thought is that I should be able to press down arrow key and continue reading from Reading Item #19, the 'Section B' title. But instead, it just continues on in the forced reading order and goes to Reading Item #9 instead, Section A, and continues from there to #10, 11 etc.. Is there a way with javascript or any other means I can set a conditional reading order? For reference, I'm using JAWS screen reader. I'm not sure how well JAWS interacts with reading PDF items in general. I really appreciate any help on this.

Create PDFs , JavaScript , PDF forms , Standards and accessibility






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