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248 character limit for Adobe Cloud integration with Sharepoint, which has a 400 character limit

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Sep 09, 2020 Sep 09, 2020

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Don't know if I am in the right place,


It has been proven that using document cloud integration in Sharepoint to open pdfs will  absolutely not work if the file/folder/link character limit is over ~248. This means ANY pdf saved beyond that character limit up to 400 will not work with the integration of document cloud and sharepoint.


My organization is very excited about moving to Sharepoint due to the 400 character limit amongst other reasons.  If we use Document Cloud integration we are telling them to keep from writing the extra ~150 characters sharepoint allows?  I can forsee tons of calls per day to support asking why they dont have permissions (which is what the generic error is).


 spot this is provenm is here:



and primarily here:



The answer is basically "deal with the limitation" from what I can see.  Is there no option or anything on the horizon to address this ambiguous error or allowing users access to the additional 150 characters Sharepoint allows? 


Adobe's Sharepoint integration, while awesome in theory, is completely useless due to this one crippling problem.  When you think of 150 more characters being 38% more folder character space, you are saying that 38% of the area they could be storing pdfs to would be unable to be used.


Any response to this?

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