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Collect signature from unknown user?

New Here ,
Aug 04, 2021 Aug 04, 2021

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Hello. I work in the IT department at a school. We have an Adobe Sign Enterprise subscription and it is my job to try to digitize all of our processes. Currently I am working on a form which goes to parents to apply for bus travel allowance. So Recipient 1 is the parent. The form requires name, address, phone and email details of the recipient who is also required to sign. The form then asks for the details (name, DOB, school) of the students (the recipent's children) needing bus travel. The form allows for up to three students to be listed. They can even be from other schools. Here's the catch: the students are also required to sign. When the form is sent we may not even know who these students are nor how many of them there are (between 1 and 3). I am trying to figure out if Adobe Sign can gather signatures for "unknown" recipients. I know there is an "Anyone" entity listed under the list of recipients but cannot figure out how to apply it to a signature field. Another complication is that the signature fields are required fields so if I have three fields for student signatures but only one student is listed, the form cannot be submitted (although I might be able to get around this with some conditions). Is this just too hard for Adobe Sign or can anyone see a way thtough this? Any help or advice appreciated.






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