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Signature order change or skip signatory or change to complete in any order.

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Jan 27, 2023 Jan 27, 2023

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Please provide me some assistance with this issue.  I have a document that is being held up with one of the signatories in their legal department.  I would like to pass this person and let the rest of the que sign the document while this one signatory continues to wait.  The document went out for signature in December and this one person I am trying to skip (because the default was on in order for signature and I missed that when I set it up or else I would have sent it any order) and they have had the document since Jan 9th. 


In all my research I have seen that:

  1. There is no way to change the order of signature after the first person has signed the document.
    1. Not sure why you cannot have that function it does not change the document at all just the signature flow.
  2. There appears to be no way to skip a person, without the ability to do the above option, skipping someone would be a nice function to have.


Is there any way that I can make this document move to the other 6 signatories left and circle back to the one taking extra extra time in completing the task as hand?

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