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Skip signers based on radio button answers

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Feb 18, 2022 Feb 18, 2022

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I have a template used to review and approve documents. it currently works in 5 steps, but I want the option so that in Step 2, if the reviewer indicates no changes are needed to the document and it's ready to be finalized, that the routing skips Steps 3 & 4 and goes straight to Step 5 (meaning I don't want the reviewer to recieve the form again if no changes are needed). If I make Step 3 and 4 conditional on whether the reviewer indicates in Step 2 that changes are needed, based on a radio button click, will the routing also change? Is there a way to set up conditional routing?

Step 1-I fill in the information and sign the form

Step 2-Reviewer indicates the document needs changes or not via radio button and signs

Step 3-I make the requested changes and sign

Step 4-Reviewer approves changes and signs

Step 5-I finalize the document and sign

How to sign , Send documents






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