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Where can I get help with changing a wrong date on my licence?

New Here ,
Dec 17, 2021 Dec 17, 2021

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I have been in a dispute about the date on my VIP Adobe Sign enterprise licence which was sold to me by a reseller.  I had no idea that it was a reseller, because it was whomever responded when I enquired on the Adobe website.  I bought 1500 transactions with the understanding I would have a year to use them.  It wasn't until I had signed the Adobesign order that the licence dates appeared and I saw that the expiry date was 9 months and not 12 months from the date of signing.


I've tried repeatedly since October to get the issue resolved and no one can help me.  I've tried the reseller and they said they couldn't help me.  Gave me an email address which didn't respond to me.  The phone numbers and emails I've been given have had no response. 


I've repeatedly emailed any possible email address connected with my billing, invoice and spent ages in several different chats only to be told that it's a billing or invoice issue contact xxxx number (which is either out of service or the person on the end of the line tells me they can't help and provides me with another number / email that can't help or doesn't respond. 


So finally, today, I've spent 3 hours calling, in chats and emailing to try to resolve it once and for all. Am still in this hell of no response or sorry mam that's not my department... Anyone got any ideas who to contact to either get a resolution or complain?






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