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Welcome to the Firefly Community! Here are 3 quick ways to help you get started.

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 13, 2023 Sep 13, 2023

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Firefly is now out of Beta, and so are we!


To all our beta testers, thank you for shaping the product through discussions, bug submissions, and ideas. To all our new users, welcome! We cannot be more excited about all the discussions you will bring to this space. If you haven't started creating in Firefly already, get started.


What's New!


New to Firefly starting on September 13

  • Firefly generated images are now available for commercial use 
  • Entitlement integration is now in place 
  • New watermark on images. Paid users will not have watermarks applied. Free users will get a watermark on downloaded images. 
  • New sharing workflow for Text to Image. 
    • Use "Copy Link" ("Share Link" on mobile) under the Share icon
    • Users don't need to be logged in to view your shared image
    • Open images from all Firefly modules directly in Adobe Express 


You may need to perform a hard refresh on your browser to see the changes. Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + R.

Learn about the features


Adobe Firefly currently offers 4 different Generative Ai modules with more planned for future releases. Read more about each module and in which Adobe apps (other than Firefly) you can currently find them. 



Describe the image you want to create, from realistic images, such as portraits and landscapes, to more creative ones, such as abstract art and fantasy illustrations. Check out Text to Image in Adobe Express.

Create text effects that stand out to emphasize information and add visual interest to social media posts, flyers, posters, and more — effortlessly and in no time. Check out Text Effects in Adobe Express.



Remove, add, or replace parts of an image with generated content that you can describe with simple text prompts. Check our Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta.




Apply themes and color variations to vector images using everyday language to test and experiment with limitless combinations. Check out Generative Recolor in Illustrator.


Report a bug or share an idea 


Did you run into something unexpected? Have an idea to make Firefly even better? Share your thoughts here! 


Search first!

Before posting a new bug or idea, be sure to first search for your issue to see if another community member has already reported it. If searching doesn't find a similar post, you can click "Post to Community" to start a new thread. 



Be detailed!

Whether it's a bug submission or a idea request be as detailed as possible. Let us know the what and how! 



The Adobe Firefly team uses this vote count to know which bugs are most important to you. If you see a similar problem or bug that has already been reported, add your vote!  Check out the top-voted bugs and ideas




Note: If after a bit of troubleshooting we find that the bug report is in-fact not a product bug, the bug report may be moved out of Bugs and over to Discussions.

Helpful Links


  • FAQ: Get answers to common questions about Adobe Firefly.
  • Content Credentials: What information is included when they are automatically applied to assets generated with Adobe Firefly.
  • Issues and ErrorsLearn about the known issues in Adobe Firefly and how to troubleshoot them.
  • Technical requirements: Technical requirements for creating content using Adobe Firefly.
  • Discord: Join the Adobe Firefly Discord server to connect with others, get creative feedback, and share resources! 



We will be locking this post so that we can have more focused discussions on each topic related to Firefly. 







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