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Font licensing for hybrid eBook AND mobile app

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Apr 24, 2020 Apr 24, 2020

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I am creating an interactive eBook with InDesign. It's based on a real novel, so it's mainly text. But it will have some cool visual interactivity, maybe on every 5-8th page.   


I have a unique hybrid situation regarding font licensing, which needs clarification :


I am planning to sell the eBook in 2-3 different formats, just for practical reasons:

Format n.1) iBook - as far as I understand, my CC Subscription covers the font licensing. Is that correct?

Format n.2) I am also planning to use a software called Kotobee Author. It will convert the EPUB into an encrypted mobile and desktop app and embed an ebook reader into it. So it's still an eBook in terms of content. But it will be sold as a mobile / desktop app.



Adobe Font is allowed for eBooks, but they are not allowed for mobile and destop apps without extra license purchase.

So from a font licensing perspective, does Format N.2 count as an eBook or as a mobile / desktop app?


Why I am using Format n.2:

- embedded eBook readerAndroid and Windows users will not need to install a separate EPUB reader, as the final file includes this.

- full encryption: Kotobee Author exports the final mobile / windows eBook with full encryption. It's particularly important for the interactive visual part and for Adobe Fonts.

- user access control: Kotobee Author also allows me to have user access control. This gives another level of content protection.



Format n.2 is still an eBook from a content perspective. It is even built from an EPUB file, but it's true that it will be converted into an app, just for encryption purposes. Therefore my argument is that I should be able to use my Adobe Fonts that come with my CC Subscription. Can you please ask the management to clarify this unique scenario? It would be silly to prohibit the use of Adobe Fonts, just because the EPUB file goes though a convertion / encryption using Kotobee Author. 


Thank you! 








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