Veeva Vault PromoMats and Adobe Fonts

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Oct 12, 2020 Oct 12, 2020

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My company designs medical education products and we work with major pharmaceutical companies. Most of the pharmaceutical companies use Veeva Vault as their submission system for medical and legal reviews. We are seeing more and more of our clients move towards using the Veeva Vault system, more specifically Veeva Vault PromoMats (VVPM). VVPM is requiring InDesign packages to be submitted in order to generate a PDF for the reviewers to use.


In the past we were able to simply submit a PDF file for review but now VVPM is requesting the whole InDesign package just so they can generate a PDF and this is making it difficult to submit our projects because of an issue. The issue is with Adobe Fonts. They are not copied over/collected into the fonts folder in the InDesign package. Therefore, the PDF generated by VVPM has font issues which sometimes lead to layout issues.


VVPM will substitute fonts if they are not available which will cause overflow text in text frames and make the reviewers confused. This in turn will fail the submission, kick the project back to us, and waste time. Some projects are time sensitive and we cannot have these issues.


Is there any way Veeva Vault PromoMats can access Adobe Fonts during these submissions? Please keep in mind that VVPM is not the final destination of these projects. I can only assume VVPM has access to Creative Cloud since they can open the InDesign files.


I am reaching out to Adobe first in hopes that our company is not the only one with these issues, Adobe might have a solution, and that it might be simple. Again, it looks like all the pharmaceuticals are moving to Veeva Vault as way to do legal and medical reviews.


I found, unbeknownst to me, some projects are approved after review even though a font substitution did occur and did not cause a text overflow or layout change. Chalk that up to luck! But we do experience issues during initial VVPM review and they are Adobe Font related.


After these lucky projects are approved, they do go to printers who have a Creative Cloud subscription, and therefore they are able to access the fonts for output and printing. Printing is done the way they were intended but not how they were approved. This puts us in a situation.


Please help and let me know if there is anything that can be done. I doubt we are the only company who have seen this issue.


Thank you and I await your reply!







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