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After Effects Composition Resolution does not match Export resolution in media encoder

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Nov 02, 2021 Nov 02, 2021

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I've been trying to create a very unique graphic, a 498X4 pixel 10 second animated mp4 video. So in After Effects I created the composition with a 498X4 resolution and was happy with the end result. I click file, export to media encoder, and choose the export location using h264. For some reason, the file exports as 16X16 pixels, and I'm confused as to why. I repeat the above except I look at the export settings; the file is supposedly going to export as 498X16 pixels! I'm like, fine, I can work with this, and export again. The file is again exported as 16X16 pixels. What? I try changing some of the numbers in height and width and am then unable to change the resolution back to 16X498 inside media encoder; See, normally at this point I'd be OK because I could just choose to export as a PNG image sequence but I *have* to upload the mp4 file somewhere. There were 'other solutions' like exporting as 1992X16 pixels or exporting in render que of after effects as a .mov or .avi file, but neither were the fix I needed.

Why did media encoder seemingly allow x16 pixels in one of the resolution adjustments, but then fail and export as x16? I feel like there is a minimum ratio limit, and that's why when I changed the output resolution in media encoder it couldn't go back to 498X16, and when 'it did manage to' export at 498X16 pixels the encoder glitched and spat out a 16x16 video instead.

It's a bit annoying and I don't know what to do to fix this error, I know my case is very edge case-y, but it's a glitch that happens.

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