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AME won't render from AE 17.1.0

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Jun 05, 2020 Jun 05, 2020

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I updated AE and AME just recently, to AE 17.1.0, and AME 14.2.  Now if I Queue the render in AME, from AE, it opens AME just fine, and the project shows up in the list, but it won't render, and I can't connect through Dynamic Link to change any of the export settings.  I can click the arrows to change the file type and Presets, and can change the output file name.  But when I click the Preset name, it stays on the Dynamic Link Connection window, saying "Connecting to project".  If I just try to click Play to start the render, nothing happens.  The Output Preview at the bottom doesn't show anything.  That whole part of the window is blank/gray.  I can "stop" the render, even though it doesn't seem it ever started, but after that, I can't delete the project from the Queue.  I have to close AME and reopen it to clear the queue.


I've downgraded AME to 14.1 and then to 14.0.4.  Neither of them worked.  I didn't downgrade AE, yet.  I guess that will be my next option.


System specs

Window 10

Intel i9-9900k

64gb Ram

Nvidia RTX 2080Ti - Studio Driver 442.19  (There is an update, but that update was causing an issue with AE's RAM preview, where the preview wouldn't stop playing back.  Now that AE has been updated, maybe I can update the driver now?)


I think I'll try downgrading to AE 17.0.6 first and see if that gets me back to a functioning program.  But if there's any recommendations on how to get the newest version working, I'm all ears.  Thanks.

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