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Does AME support WebM VP8? (Free download I found did not work)

Sep 10, 2018 Sep 10, 2018

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Hi. Does AME support WebM VP8 with alpha? I found a free download, but it did not generate a transparent video. Is there any supported way to generate WebM, VP8, with transparency/alpha?

I ask for this format in particular because I am using Character Animator to generate a flat 2D video which I was going to try importing into a 3D model in Unity 3D and try to generate a 360 view video with all the perspectives etc correct. But Unity 3D seems only to support WebM VP8 with alpha (and and apple format, but I am on Windows). So I can import the video, but its on a black background.

I have seen suggestions of using online converters to generate another format and convert it later, but was hoping to avoid the extra step.

Also comments on the GitHub free project helpfully saying "its open source - if you want alpha support, fix the code yourself". Umm, I am not at the skill level to rewrite the code of video codecs!!

Just wondering if any plans from Adobe to get WebM VP8 added natively.






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