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Media Encoder creates new Project Path and source file

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May 07, 2021 May 07, 2021

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When I queue media from Premiere to Media Encoder, Media Encoder imports the project to the queue BUT redirects the project path to the Temp folder on my C drive. Additionally, the moment Media Encoder imports the file and adds it to the render queue, a new source prproj file is created in the same Temp folder. This new project file is an exact duplicate of my actual project file that I had sent over to Media Encoder. Because of this, not only is my C drive being filled up with excessive, unnecessary prproj files, but my renders in Media Encoder are noticeably slower now because it's sourcing from the wrong drive.


There are no settings in either program turned on that would cause this (to my knowledge at least). I do not use watch folders. I do not use dynamic link. I have triple-checked all Cache output settings in both programs, including the project settings and sequence settings in Premiere. Everything is as it should be and, more importantly, how it's been for every previous project. This has only recently become an issue. What's even more frustrating is that if I do "add source" directly through Media Encoder and point it to the sequence that I'm trying to queue, there is no issue; manually queuing up all the files through Media Encoder itself doesn't create a new project path or create a new source. So I really have no clue if the issue is with Premiere, Media Encoder, or both.


I've been pulling my hair out trying to troubleshoot this bizarre issue but I have found absolutely nothing on the issue.

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