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Media Encoder failing to render properly

New Here ,
Aug 09, 2020 Aug 09, 2020

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I'm trying to render a very large video file from after effects (almost 2 hours long). I'm trying to render in H.264 using the preset "Match Source - High bitrate". Because the file is about 8GB and I'd be cutting it close with storage on my computer, I've set the output folder to an external USB Flashdrive. Every attempt the same faliure keeps occuring after roughly 2 hours of rendering...


First the destination folder is filled with not just one, but two video files, the largest file (~4GB) is always an m4v file despite selecting H264. The second file is MP4 but extremely small in size... usually only ~200mb. 


The ~200mb mp4 plays but there is no content at all, literally 2 hours of blackness. The large file has a strange number attached to the end of the file name "2596.279761", it comes up with an error when I try to play it (This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.).


I've had this preset working before but I do have some ideas as to what could be wrong: 


1. Outdated software (both AE and ME are CC 2018)


2. Inadequate storage space on my local drive (thought rendering into an external drive with adeqaute space would nullify this problem)


3. Adobe ME unable to render onto an external drive from the local drive (hard to understand why that would cause a problem)


If anyone knows what could be the problem here, please leave suggestions, I'm hooped.


P.S. If I find a solution I won't be a jerk, I'll post it 🙂

Error or problem , Export or render






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