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Media Encoder 'sticks' during export

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Apr 07, 2020 Apr 07, 2020

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I'm sending comps from After Effects to Media Encoder usually rendering to either H.264 or a PNG seq. About one in three stop encoding part way through. The UI remains responsive and the item can be paused/resumed but it won't advance any further and the timer stops. When this happens I can stop the render to clear it but all subsequent items already in the queue then refuse to encode and any attempt to send more comps from AE will fail until I restart the computer.


I've experienced this issue for about two years right up to the present version of ME (14.0.4) and across quite a variety of setups, from a 12 core Xeon workstation with 64gb RAM down to a Surface Pro 4 with 8GB. I work freelance at different studios with a slew of different hardware and software configurations, so unfiortunately I can't list all the many specs that it's failed on. Several colleagues have reported the same issue and one studio has stopped using ME as a result.


Here are some other relevant variables I can think of:
- All were running on Windows 10.

- The problem happens after at least an hour of rendering.

- Switching to software rendering from GPU doesn't fix it.

- It happens regardless of whether or not the AE comp is using any extra plugins.

- The AE projects tend to be PNG sequences layered over .PSD backgrounds brought in as a comp.

- Most common AE effects we tend to use are; 'Change to colour', Tint, Levels and Fast box blur.

- Happens with and without 3D layers present.

- Happens both locally and over a network.

- I tried sending a project from Premiere to ME to test what happens with AE out of the equation but ME failed to respond to Premiere several times so I took and deep breath and wrote this post.


Ok, I'm gonna stop there. Any help would be appreciated. This is quite a big issue for my workflow 😞

Export or render , Freeze or hang






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