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Weird Media Encoder issue

Community Beginner ,
Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 2017

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I am having some weird experience with Adobe Media Encoder (and Premiere) on my MacPro Late 2013, OS X 10.12.6, Running latest Adobe apps.

This started when i deleted about 300 fonts from my font book (Main HD>Library>Fonts).  This disabled Premiere for some reason and Premiere would not start (Just try to open and shut down). So I added the fonts back in and Premiere started back up.  I went through the same fonts and trashed them (about a dozen at a time), each time starting Premiere to make sure it was still starting up. I did this until they were all deleted again.  But this time Premiere started. So I think everything is back to normal until today when i sent my premiere project to Media Encoder.

Premiere exports the files just fine. I exported a video file through Media Encoder with no issue. But when a Premiere project tries to export, the encoding shows no progress and no image (I have tried only exporting H.264 and Quicktime H.264 files). After a while of waiting, nothing happens.  I hit stop, it stops.  But then I cannot delete the file (until i restart Media Encoder). When I try to quit, it locks up. I have to force quit the program.  After that, if I was to open it and close it (Without doing ANYTHING), it would still stall out and not close without a force quit.

I have uninstalled Media Encoder several times.  I have uninstalled it, restarted the computer and installed.  I have uninstalled Media Encoder and Premiere at the same time and rebooted and reinstalled both.  Nothing has worked.

Any other options I could try?






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