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Feb 28, 2022 Feb 28, 2022

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I am trying to combine two Zoom meeting recording clips together.

  • Clip 1 is about 40MB (1280x742, 25fps, 312kbps bitrate, 12min42sec) h.264 / mp4
  • Clip 2 is about 150 MB (1440x812, 25fps, 546kbps bitrate, 30min10sec) h.264 / mp4

I am having trouble when I create a sequence in Premiere with the same settings as the first file that is just a combination of both clips. When I render out the final file is a huge 950MB.


Final Clip: is about 950MB (1280x742, 25fpx, 2797kbps bitrate, 42min26sec)


I am trying to encode the clip with the same settings but at 500 kbps bitrate, but for whatever reason media encoder seems to be ignoring me and going with 2797kbps bitrate. 


  • Do you know what the best settings are to encode this video so it is a more reasonable size?
  • Why do you think it would be basically ignore my wish to do a 1 pass encode at 500 kbps?
  • Is there a bitrate lower limit for the profile and level or resolution?
  • What are better settings to use?
  • Most of the footage is just shared screen that doesn't change at all. Is there a way to optimize for shared screen footage with almost no pixel changes for minutes on end? You would think that the file size would be much smaller if there isn't much changing on the screen.


I appreciate any insite you can provide.





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