My Auto Lip Sync Thumbnail Flyout for Visemes is not Populating in Adobe Animate

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Aug 08, 2020 Aug 08, 2020

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Hi there, lovely people!  I have been reading forum posts and trying all of the methods suggested (space-bar-click, return, etc).  

I have created mouth poses for my phonemes, they are all in individual graphic symbols, and I have created a Mouth Visemes graphic symbol with all the phonemes centered, with their own keyframe, on the top line of the timeline, then I have imported audio.  I click on Properties/Object/LipSync....and have followed one tutorial's advice to select the setting to play 1 frame at a time.  (Though I have tried Looping and Play Each Graphic Once as well). I select Lip Sync and cannot assign visemes to phonemes. Only 1 of my visemes pops up in the thumbnail flyout, the one viseme the cursor is on.  If I select all the visemes' keyframes, it doesn't help.   Also, when I select Framepicker, I still only see one of my visemes.  


I'm missing something and have been struggling for days on this.  Any help/advice would be INCREDIBLE! Thanks!








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