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Why does a camera profile show up in Lightroom but NOT in camera raw

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Feb 01, 2020 Feb 01, 2020

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I have a Canon EOS R. In Lightroom I have camera profiles (Camera Neutral, Camera Landscape, Camera Faithful, etc.)  Up until recently when I chose one of these profiles for an image then opened it into photoshop it rendered the profile correctly.  Today I opened an image from a Canon EOS R in Lightroom, chose the Camera Landscape v2 profile, made some adjustments then opened it directly into photoshop.  The image was very washed out.  After doing some sleuthing I opened the image from the raw .CR3 file directly into Photoshop using Camera Raw.  At the profile I had a yellow alert triangle, when I moused over it the tooltip read "Profile not installed, rendering is incorrect".   How can I have a profile installed in Lightroom and not in camera raw?  And why suddenly has it disappeared.  If I "bake" the file to DNG it looks correct, and certainly, I can get my "pop" back in PS but it's a lot more work that I really should not have to do. 


Edit:   I opened the file on my laptop, running the same version of Photoshop and Camera Raw, and all the correct profiles show up there.  So now the question is - do I have to completely uninstall photoshop to fix this or is there another way?



Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome!

Thanks in advance!






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