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Change default folder location for Captivate Mac eLearning Assets

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May 10, 2023 May 10, 2023

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I want to move the default location of the eLearning Assets folder that comes with Captivate. The reason for this is provided below. There doesn't seem to be a way to delete/modify this folder without it reappearing in the same place later. Anyone know a script or other hack to either delete or permanently move this folder?


The Why:


I use OneDrive on my Mac and it backs up my primary Documents folder. Captivate keeps it's Content folder (with all of the default common assets) in the Documents folder as well, but it has these horribly named files for each character set—ex. ["1253-Brad.png","1254-Brad.png","1255-Brad.png","1256-Brad.png"]— located at the top level of each character set folder (Brad is located at: Documents/Adobe/eLearning Assets/Characters/2484). OneDrive constantly throws up errors because these file names are incompatible with it's naming conventions.


I will never use the characters or any of the other included assets in the Content folder. I don't want them on my drive at all, but there are no options in Captivate's limited set of preferences/settings that I can see to get rid of them. If I delete the folder(s) manually or change the names of the offending files they just get downloaded/"repaired" next time I launch Captivate. I am also not able to permanently move this folder to another location on my HD so that OneDrive doesn't try to back it up.






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