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Need help replacing inline JavaScript (onclick, onmouseover...)

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Jun 08, 2020 Jun 08, 2020

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In order to support a strict content security policy, I need to replace the inline onclick, etc., events with "addEventListener".  I am having limited success when modifying "constructDIVs()" in index_scorm.html.  (If there is a way to do this without editing the HTML files, I would love to hear it.).  Thanks in advance.


function constructDIVs() {
  if(lCSSLoaded && lJSLoaded) {

    // my additions here:

   // no error

   document.getElementById("div_Slide").addEventListener("click", cp.handleClick(event));

   // no error

   document.getElementById("playImage").addEventListener("keydown", cp.CPPlayButtonHandle(event));

   // fails

    document.getElementById("playImage").addEventListener("click", cp.movie.play());

   // fails

    document.getElementById("cc").addEventListener("click", cp.handleCCClick(event);

   // no error

   document.getElementById("ccClose").addEventListener("click", cp.showHideCC());



All envent handlers were copied directly from the document.innerHTML statement, so I'm not sure what is going on here.

playImage returns:  index_scorm.html:147 Failed to execute 'addEventListener' on 'EventTarget': The callback provided as parameter 2 is not an object. 

FYI, I displayed the value of cp.movie, and it was "[object Object]".


cc returns:  index_scorm.html:155 Failed to execute 'elementFromPoint' on 'Document': The provided double value is non-finite.

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