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Problems with transparent button in group / HTML5

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May 08, 2020 May 08, 2020

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Using Captivate 2019 in Windows 10.

I'm devising a flyout box that's supposed to slide out from behind the picture when you click a button, and then slide back under when you click again. Here's what I've set up:


  • Custom action to slide out left to right
  • Custom action to slide in right to left
  • A group containing four items;
    • two shapes with text (using different colors for the two) that will be hidden behind the picture
    • a third shape with text containing the word "Info" which is sticking out to the right of the picture, connected to the right of the other two boxes
    • A transparent button exactly going over the third shape listed above
  • An advanced action including a variable to match the state of the group (0 if hidden, 1 if shown)
    • If the button is clicked it checks the value of the variable. If 0, the group slides out and changes the variable to 1. Else the group slides in and changes the variable back to 0.


Here's the problem: When I preview, everything works properly. When I preview in browser with HTML5, the group slides out, but it doesn't slide back. The action doesn't fire and the variable doesn't change. The same happens if I publish to HTML5 (which I have to use - SWF is not an option for me).


2020-05-08_17h15_48.png     2020-05-08_17h15_58.png

I tried it in two other test projects and here's what happened:

  • One worked properly. I've duplicated every setting into this one but still doesn't work
  • Another test, the sliding out worked. However, the transparent button didn't move with the rest of the group - it stayed in its original position while everything else moved. Clicking it does move it back though.

I created a separate button that was not part of the group, but called the advanced action when clicked. This was successful. Is there some sort of issue when buttons (or transparent buttons at the very least) are part of a group? (I cleared both the Captivate cache and my browesr cache to eliminate those potential causes)


Thanks in advance,


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