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ADE library location - how to safely copy / change

New Here ,
Dec 16, 2020 Dec 16, 2020

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Hi there,


I've read dozens of posts about the ADE library location, and understand it can't be readily changed from C:\windows\users\<username>\documents\my digital editions. Software needing data files stored in a specific location seems very 1980's, but it is what it is.


My problem is my library isn't at that location, it's at C:\windows\users\<username>\Onedrive\documents\my digital editions. I don't recall ever moving it under Onedrive, but that's where it is.


As I'm about to change companies / computers I want to move it to the normal (or another) location so I can then copy the directory tree under c:\windows\users\<username> to a different drive and then move to a new computer.


What are the recommended steps to achieve this without damaging my library?  I've tried copying the ..\my digital editions directory but continually get a non-specific file/folder sharing error despite ADE and explorer etc being closed.  I can copy the individual .epubs but gather that won't recreate my library.








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