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Highlights disappearing.

New Here ,
Sep 05, 2021 Sep 05, 2021

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I am going to rant and for that I apologise, have had the great misfortune of being forced to use this program for all of two days and I have rarely hated anything this much. There are no options for dampening lights, you cannot put a voice reader on it (I have ADHD, readers are necessary for me) and there is no option to jump from chapter to chapter and the scroll is so slow it took 5 full minutes to scroll from the top and back to the page I was on around 1/3 through the book. Scrolling to the top to look at the index in the first place caused the program to time out and I had to restart it. And yet this absolute joke of a tool is forced down the throat of thousands who are unfortunate enough to have to read a book that is DRM protected. 
On top of this, I spend the entire day yesterday using highlights, the only functioning tool in this entire program. Until it wasn't. I opened up my $50 book today and all highlights from yesterday are gone. Hours of reading, gone. What is even happening? 






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