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Generate HTML5 output from structured Frame as part of a software build?

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Jul 07, 2017 Jul 07, 2017

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Hi Folks,

Our doc group is considering whether to use structured Framemaker (Framemaker 2017) to create both PDF and HTML5 output. One of the requirements is to be able to generate HTML5 output as part of interim builds of our product software. This will ensure that each build contains the latest help, which will allow our QA team to review help changes periodically rather than having to wait until the product is almost ready for release. A Google search suggests that our build and release team might be able to generate the HTML5 output using the Dita Open Toolkit. According to the Dita Open Toolkit documentation:

"The html5 transformation generates HTML5 output and a table of contents (TOC) file.

The HTML5 output is always associated with the default DITA-OT CSS file (commonltr.css or commonrtl.css for right-to-left languages). You can use toolkit parameters to add a custom style sheet that overrides the default styles, or generate a nav element with a navigation TOC in topic pages.

To run the HTML5 transformation, set the transtype parameter to html5."

  • Has anyone used the Dita Open Toolkit for this purpose?
  • The Open Toolkit documentation makes no reference to a search capability in the HTML5 output. Will we lose the search feature in our HTML5 output with this solution?
  • Are there other solutions that would allow us to output to HTML5 as part of software builds (and not lose the search option)?

Thank you,









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