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HTML5, table height is that of the number of lines in FrameMaker

Community Expert ,
Dec 19, 2019 Dec 19, 2019

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I am not a CCS expert. Therefore my question might be basic for you.

In my documents the warnings are in single row tables with two columns.

Left column is the warning icon. Right column holds the text.

Below the column is a line.

I had set up these warning tables in CSS, and almost everything works well.

Only the distance between the text and the border below the table is too large.

I had set the table height attribute in CSS to auto.

However, the conversion sets a height which depends on the number of text lines in the table in FrameMaker. I can see this when I decrease the width of the browser window. The distance is kept, until there are as many lines as in the FrameMaker table. When I decrease the window width further, the height adapts to the current number of lines

It does not help, when I set the table height in the CSS to e.g. 10px. Or when I set the height of the various rows separately to auto or 10px. Still there is this large distance.

Only when I change the value in the CSS which is created during the conversion to HTML5 to a small value, the distance shrinks.

What can I do so that FrameMaker does not set this high height value.


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Responsive HTML5






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