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Integration with Sharepoint

Community Beginner ,
Jun 22, 2023 Jun 22, 2023

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Our company is about to implement Sharepoint as a CMS and I am waiting for an upgrade of my Frame version from 2017 to 2022.  

Some changes to our methodology are occuring with the shared drive we were using on the network drive soon to be unavailable.

So now I think we need to push forward with this integration. Before, with the network drive and me as the only writer, I didn't think it would be necessary. We will be taking on another writer, but will never be working on the same books.

I need some info:

1.) How are graphics handled? Currently, I have a graphics subfolder under the project folder. The graphics folder typically has a subfolder for Visio and PPT source docs. Do I just upload the entire graphics folder - using the same basic structure - as a subfolder within the project folder. Then I assume that graphics that were imported by reference will need to be redirected to the new location on Sharepoint. Any details on how that works would be helpful. when you import by reference, is there an option in Frame 2022 to point to the server and sharepoint repository? 

2.) Are there any shortcuts or checking in all files in a book so that you do not need to check in all the individual files separately? Can you multi-select and then do check-in on a groups of files simultaneously?

Any other tips would be appreciated. 







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