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Mapped Ordered Lists Not Tagged in Published HTML

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Sep 13, 2018 Sep 13, 2018

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Ordered Lists mapped to Body Level styles are not always tagged when publishing HTML, Responsive or Basic. This appears related to using < =0> in autonumbering. I have FM 2017

Example: Here is a two-level list in a new FM file:

There are only two styles, built from the defaults, identical except for indents and autonumbering:



If OL1 and OL2 are mapped to BodyLevel1 and BodyLevel2 respectively, with Convert to HTML chosen,
the appearance is correct, and both list levels are tagged <ol>.

However, if a forced reset of OL2 is added to OL1,

then the FM formatting is still correct, but OL2 is not tagged as a list in the HTML.

Here a different series letter and numbering scheme are used with OL3 mapped to BodyLevel3:

OL1:     X:<R+>.\t

OL2:     X:< ><A+>.\t

OL3:     X:< >< ><n+>.\t

If resets are added,

OL1:     X:<R+>< =0>.\t

OL2:     X:< ><A+>< =0>.\t

OL3:     X:< >< ><n+>.\t

the FM numbering is still correct but it publishes as 

- Chris Niestepski






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