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Specifying the DTD used in XSLT pre-process output

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May 10, 2019 May 10, 2019

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Trevor-Nicholls started a discussion last month on creating an XML document from the welcome screen (Re: Creating a new document from the Welcome screen, doesn't ). That discussion has grown to include several related topics, so I am splitting my responses in new discussions specific to individual subtopics. In particular, one of his comments was "When the pre-processor stylesheet doesn't specify the path to the DTD to use on the intermediate XML file, FrameMaker issues a warning. This shows that, in the pre-processing stage, FrameMaker does not use the DTD referenced in structapps.fm ($STRUCTDIR\xml\testing\apps\test.dtd) but requires that the intermediate XML file explicitly specify one."

FM uses the DTD specified in an XML application when it is saving a document as XML. When it is opening an XML document (either the original document or pre-process output), it uses the document type declaration, if any, included in that document. Note that if FM were to try to use the DTD specified in the application definition, that might conflict with the XML file it is generating. Remember, also, that the input to and output from a pre-process may use very different DTDs. I will address interpretation of relative paths in a seprate message.








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