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What does really happen at the start of FrameMaker?

Community Expert ,
Sep 19, 2019 Sep 19, 2019

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Dear all,

During the startup step Localisation a lot of things happen. So far I know this (please correct me if I'm werong):

  1. The menu is established according to the menu file mentioned in the current workspace. As long as no document is open this is none.fws
  2. Scripts from Startup are executed. These may modify the menu.
  3. The Welcome screen is presented

At this stage not all of the menu modifications have been done.


Although the menu.cfg referenced in WS none.fws contains the following statement, this menu is not moved to the far left.



<Order !MakerMainMenu.!FMidMain     <Before !MakerMainMenu.FileMenu>>



This happens only at the open of a document or book. And it stays there when all documents/books are closed and only the Welcome screen is present.


The problem seems to be specific to the top menus, because changes to the existing menu structure (added items in Help and elsewhere) are present already in the menus presented at Welcome screen stage. And in these changes also Order statements are involved.

Somebody had placed a more detailed sequence of FM startup things on the web, but I do not find it again - probably due to the remake of the Adobe forums.

→ Can anybody give me a tip how to get the correct appearance of the top menu even at the very start?







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