Using speech recognition to input text into FrameMaker

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Nov 18, 2015

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Gang, is anyone using any speech recognition software to get text into FrameMaker?

I've tried using the software that is built into Windows 7 but can't get it to work at all. When I speak with the insertion point in a FrameMaker text flow, the text appears in a pop-up dictation box. But when I click on the Insert button in the box to insert the text into the FrameMaker document, I get nothing. The dictation box empties itself ready for the next statement but no text appears in the FrameMaker document. It works for other general apps like Word but not FrameMaker. There's obviously something special or low-level about the way that FrameMaker accepts keyboard or text input. (I have had similar issues in the past, like trying to get any keyboard macro utility to work with FrameMaker.)

The only way I can see to get text from the box into FrameMaker is to select the text in the box, copy it with Ctrl+c, close the box, and paste the text into FrameMaker. If you don't close the box, the text just gets pasted back into the box and not into FrameMaker - very cumbersome.

Leaving aside the issues of accuracy and training the software to recognise your voice (I seem to recall that the last time I used Dragon Naturally Speaking many years ago the hit rate was about 80-90% without much training, and the hit rate of the untrained built-in Windows 7 app is about 5%), I don't want to throw money at something if it's not going to work with FrameMaker at all.

So back to my original question. Is anyone successfully using Dragon Naturally Speaking or a similar program with FrameMaker?







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