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SDK API to replace glyph using alternate glyph

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Mar 01, 2023 Mar 01, 2023

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Illustrator version: CC 27.1 English-Arabic

SDK Version: CC 2022


I have a plugin that inserts texts into text frames. I encountered an issue with arabic digits. When arabic digit is inserted, for example digit 2 in arabic, u+0662, it converts to digit 2 in ascii , u+0032. The behavior is the same even if I copy pasted the character in UI. The display is ok once I change the font (or if the font is preset to arabic by default or set before insertion/copy-paste in textframe), but looks like it still maintains u+0032 in backend. If I try to get contents using sdk, I get 0032, not 0662.


In UI, it allows me to choose alternate glyph, and lists 0662 as an alternate. If I select it, everything is fine. When I retreive content using sdk, I get 0662. I am not able to figure out how to do the same, but programmatically using sdk.


I want to either

(1) stop the auto conversion of digits inserted/pasted in text frame ( could not find any setting to do this, not sure if there is one)


(2) insert the right digit (arabic-indic-digit) using sdk somehow or after insertion, change the glyph to the correct one using sdk.


Any help, sample code is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.




SDK , Type






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