how to prevent Illustrator from stripping anchor-styles when exporting to SVG?

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Feb 22, 2021 Feb 22, 2021

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I have an AI file which among other things has a text field. The text field in AI is having its content centered, so whatever I type in there, no matter how long the word or words, the center of that element is always in the same position.
When I export the image as SVG, AI removes that information. I use javascript to change the content of that text field, no matter how I set the text-field in AI, as SVG its content is always left-aligned. Now I can use CSS to set the text-anchor back to middle, but now the entire text field jumps to the left. So now the text is correctly aligned, but the position of the element is incorrect.

Is there any way to export the image as SVG without AI removing the information about how the text is aligned in the textfield? I tried all kinds of export and saving-settings, but AI always removes that crucial information. 

Thanks for your support

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