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Best monitor for photo editing with M1 machines

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Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2023

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Hi, Ive had an 14" M1 MBP for 6 months and still need a monitor for it as I want to switch my work flow over from my 2017 27" iMac that Im still working on a bit. Ive been researching for a while and though Ive learnt a lot about them, Im more confused than ever.  I sell ocean landscape prints mainly and I out source the printing. I also dable in a little bit of video but printing is my main concern. Im used to my iMac edits (created with LRC & PS) but I would like to go more acurate and since its been 5 years or so since the last post on this subject (that I could find) Im wondering if anyone has any good reports on any newer (cheaper than Eizo or NEC) AdobeRGB screens that have come to market since? I live in Australia and everything tech costs a bomb here, so the top end ones are a big hit to the pocket. Ive been on the fence between a Dell UP2720Q & a BenQ SW271c for a little while but from what Ive read lately, the risk of getting a bad one is real in those cheaper AdobeRGB models and thats kind of scary! (I hear Dell's support is practically non existent as well) Im starting to think I might be better off getting a good sRGB gamut monitor instead and give up on the idea of a perfect AdobeRGB gamut solution. But what one? Couldn't be any worse than my current imac, could it?  I love my old iMac but its too old for LRC & PS updates and they don't have new M1 or M2 27"iMac versions yet, as I would have been tempted to get one of those, even though it's probably not what Im trying to achieve for photo editing, but everything looks great on an iMac! I probably would have just bought the Apple Studio by now if that had a better AdobeRGB gamut. Would appreciate any new feedback on the subject, if there is any.

Thanks - Bill









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