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Lightroom Classic syncing issue

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Jan 17, 2023 Jan 17, 2023

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I posted this 2 days ago on this thread: https://community.adobe.com/t5/lightroom-classic-bugs/p-lightroom-classic-no-longer-syncs-completely...


But have not seen a reply (normally some kind soul replies relatively quickly) so perhaps the above thread that had a “correct reply” is closed off ??

There is at least one other thread that talks about syncing issues, but it didn’t seem to be quite the same. So I am starting a new post….



My sync’ed images are used in Adobe Portfolio, Express and a number of standalone collections shared by Lightroom Links.


About 10 days ago I tried entering keywords on new images and didn’t notice that my click on “Click here to add keywords” didn’t connect; I carried on typing causing the screen to change modes (presumably as I typed short cut keys). I recovered back to the Library screen, but noticed all my keywords were gone for the entire catalog. (I was deleting keywords in the new images) Then I spotted the SYNC METADATA on the right side of the screen was ON!! I never use that, but somehow in the mishmash of typing I must have clicked on it unknowingly.


To get my keywords back I copied my last catalog back-up (the full catalog set of files, not just the zipped back-up) When I clicked on the lrcat file it said corrupted but LrC fixed it.


Keywords were back so I though all was OK and have been working with the (fixed up) catlog for about a week.


Now I have just noticed that NONE of my collections are showing as being sync’ed (The zig-zag line next to the synced collections are all gone) and the top right syncing activity dialogue box is showing 14,874 syncing.


(I don't think the problems vis-a-vis the keywords has anything to do with the syncing issue as I had closed LrC a few times after resolving the keywords issue without being told of on-going syncing in the LrC close dialogue)


Following Rikki’s instructions on page 1 of the thread mentioned above:

I went to step 1 (lightroom.adobe.com), no issues showed

I went to step 2, let the syncing run for 60 minutes - no change in numbers

I went to step 3, (Preferences>Lightroom sync>sync activity)nothing showed.


I have not tried changing the synch.lrdata to “old” yet. 


I have some zipped catalog back-up files from late December


See screen grabs below


UPDATE Jan 19 LrC is no longer trying to sync the 14,874 files. Clicking next to a collection does not cause it to sync.


I am on Win 10, running LrC ver 12.1


Thank you








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