Ligthroom Classic + Lightroom (Cloud) Sync TROUBLE - how to remove duplicates

Nov 03, 2021 Nov 03, 2021

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I have went through about ten threads on the syncing and it seems noone had this same issue, or i dont understand it well enough.  If this has been asked already, please, refer me to that thread, kindly, thank you so much.


I thank you for your time in advance.


So the challenge is.


1. I started off with Ligthroom (desktop version). Created about 100 albums and copied photos in there directly from disk. That probably meant i uploaded full size versions into the cloud, while I actually thought that this would only create "a link" to my pictures in my computer folders.


2. I started editing pictures in Lightroom (desktop) and Lightroom mobile. Deleting, curating etc.  Then realized none of the changes were reflected in the original desktop folders, but actually it was "new file copies" that were created in separate folder.   So i stopped everything and dcided to turn around the process.


3.  Went to the Lightroom Classic now and created Collections from about 50% of the folders. Clicked "sync to Lightroom". It started the northbound process.


4. In the meantime I was editing collections in my Collections in Lightroom Classic, and I edited probably about 20 collections, marked rejected photos ones and then deleted them from the Lightroom Classic original folders. This part worked really well and I am fine with it.  


5. I wanted to start using the Lightoom mobile for editing "albums" coming from my synced collections. But then noticed not all of them were there yet and noticed it is syncing forever and ever, very slowly, inspite of my extremely fast internet. Looked  back at whats happening and suddenly, my Catalog on the Ligthroom Classic exploded and now it is still syncinc northbound (ok i guess). *AND* syncinc southbound - so the Classic catalog keeps adding pictures to what it seems is a computer folder here (this is NOT ok).   I also noticed there is a new folder growing on my computer with pictures from Ligthroom (Cloud).  Not to mention that it adds putting # of photos into the compiuter FOLDERS in Lightroom Classic (not just collections) -- and this part i dont get at all.


My goal is to just have the pictures stored in the folders on computer as originals, and in Lightroom Classic Collections that would then do northbound sync to the cloud. Where I wold edit them, mark them as rejected etc., and that edits would then also be reflected in my computer in Lightroom Classic Collections.   Which I would then use to purge original folders with rejected photos as well, and, more importantly, have curated collections which I want to keep, show off, further edit, create albums etc. 


How do I now stop the process of "doublesyncing" and how can i go back to what were the original folders in Lightroom Classic and just the Lightroom Classic Collections synced to the Lightroom (cloud), without having all the "duplicate" photos now in the Classic and computer folders (which I dont know which they are), or, without losing edits and already "cleared" pictures I made in the Collections.


What would be the solving process for this, what should I check/do? 





#lightroom #sync 

Cross-app workflows , macOS







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