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Moving from Lightroom V6 to Classic V11 - Can't get initial sync to complete without crashing

New Here ,
Aug 09, 2022 Aug 09, 2022

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Hoping someone has some advice here. After years of using Lightroom Classic V6 I thought I'd try moving to Lightroom Cloud with Lightroom Desktop V11 and can't complete the initial sync in Lightroom Classic


Here's what I've done so far

  • Lightroom V11 converted 53,000 images to the v11 catalog from V6
  • The upload completed Successfully to lightroom Cloud.
  • I've set up Lightroom Android app to sync phone images to Lightroom with hopes that goes down to classic in the sync folder.

Now the 'fun' part:
Lightroom Classic V11 will not sync without crashing. The sync goes up and down in numbers but I'm getting <crash exception="EXCEPTION_IN_PAGE_ERROR" exceptionCode="0xc0000006" instruction="0x00007FFB42A17470"> after a couple of minutes.

The goal is for any new images from the lightroom Android app to be synced down to Lightroom Classic. However it seems to be trying to pull down all the images that have already synced to the cloud from Lightroom in the synced folder


I've been able to let it sync down (after crashing lightroom Classic dozens of times) to 0 remaining only to have the Sync numbers start to climb back up.

There also seems to be duplicates adding and then removing in my Lightroom Classic V11 Catalog


What I've attempted from various posts here:

  • Reset my preferences
  • Removed the images that were stuck in the sync folder (approx. 10,000)
  • Removed the .lck file to generate a new one

Currently the sync numbers are going from about 380, upto 400 then back down again to 380 and just hovers till it crashes. There is nothing being added to the sync folder since I removed those images.


The sync Activity in preferences shows shows about 198 pending but they're not moving


System Stats here:

Adobe Lightroom Classic" applicationVersion="11.4.1" build="[202206241800-b406ce4c]" source="Windows-Client"

Operating system: Windows 10 - Business Edition
Version: 10.0.19044
Logical processor count: 24
Processor speed: 3.7GHz
SqLite Version: 3.36.0
Built-in memory: 49064.8 MB
Real memory available to Lightroom: 49064.8 MB


Hoping I can get some suggestions here. I almost wonder if I should uninstall everything and delete everything since the conversion from V6 and try again but that would take about a week







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