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Panasonic Lumix missing a trick with Lightroom

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Mar 16, 2024 Mar 16, 2024

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Hi All

Having recently entered the drone photography business, I have discovered that Panasonic have linked up with DJI and are jointly working on full compatibility between their LUMIC S Pro Cameras and the DJI Ronin RS3 Pro Gimbal. Fantastic news for the video enthusiast of which I am one. 

This then caused a question to pop into my head. If Panasonic are so keen to be a market leader with the Lumix / DJI colaboration, have they forgotten about us still photographers?

Currently, the number one stills cameras that are the go to for professional photographers are Canon and Nikon. But why? - well I have a theory on this. I dont see the S Pro Lumix range of cameras as being a 'poor persons' Canon or Nikon. In fact, I think the S1R with a Pro lens as being a match (ok, maybe the speed of focus is not int he same league). As a frequent visitor to studio photoshoots (courtesy of my daughter who is a model) I have asked the photographer why all of them use Canon or Nikon. The answer was remarkably forthcoming. Compatibility!

I discovered that studio photographers cant afford to discover after the event that the colour grading was wrong or that the series of photos taken were not consistant. Although they all recognised that the Lumix cameras were superb there was one thing they could not get around, which was that the Lumix could not be directly tethered to Lightroom and Camera ONE (sorry for swearing Adobe).

I would love to be able to tether my Lumix S1R to Lightroom. However the only way to do this is via auto import which is slow as you have to use the Lumix Tether software to download a picture into a folder then for Lightroom to recognise the new picture and move it to another folder so that Lightroom can display it. I have a fast computer and camera yet it still takes 7 seconds to display.


Should Adobe develop a plugin that allows the Lumix Cameras to be tethered directly to Lightroom?


Thank you for reading this and I would be interested to know your thoughts.

macOS , SDK , Windows






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