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Oct 28, 2021 Oct 28, 2021

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Hello, I've been recently taking photos of the moon in seperate shots. 

I have around 3 folders of 800-1000 photos for each session, and my intent with these was to use one of the Adobe programs to put all these photos together to make a video out of them, kind of like a frame by frame glitchy video. That is the first question I'd like to ask... how do I go about creating a sequence with one of these folders of photos? I tried selecting the images through opening them in photoshop, but the tick-box for 'Image Sequence' is greyed out, provided that all my file names are all sequentially numbered and named with no symbols. So I haven't been able to do this first part.


Second problem 😛 the tripod I was using is slighty broken so I had to use my hand to partially keep the camera in place to take the photos, so some of the photos, when going through them, fly out of the original frame view and dont match up the rest and therefore kind of ruin the photo video sequence I was going for. I was wondering if there is a quick way on photoshop or lightroom, or any of these Adobe apps to kind of stabalise these images so that they follow a sameish general arc of movement ?


Sorry for the long post, I hope somoene can help me out with this : P 

Thank you in advance 










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