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What is everyone's experience with LrC's lossy DNG? Is it good enough for professional use?

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Nov 08, 2023 Nov 08, 2023

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Hi fellow Lightroom Classic users,


I finally migrated over from the cloud-based Lightroom out of frustration with UI problems, and I am slowly discovering new features that LrC has. One of them is the ability to create lossy DNGs. I tried it out and I am impressed at how well it was able to compress DNG files, especially those produced by denoising applications such as DxO PureRaw: 90MB to 9MB. It is a significant disk space saving.


What I do not know is how well it preserves detail. I am not good at pixel peeping - anyone else here with more experience can tell me if they're able to see a significant loss in detail for professional work?


I find it kind of paradoxical that Adobe can compress raw formats smaller than the lossy raw formats offered in camera. Am I losing dynamic range or microcontrast? I have no idea how to judge.

I have a 5900X, an RTX 3090 and 128GB of RAM. Yet Lightroom chokes on a fricking 24MP photo.






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