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Jan 29, 2021 Jan 29, 2021

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I am using a Mac (iMac Pro 2018) with v 11.1 OS and LR Classic (v 10.1.1). I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14.4 and LR Camera (v. 6.1.0). I shot 40 pictures yesterday with my iPhone. Some with LR Camera (which were not associated with the problem described below) and the remaining images with my iPhone Camera App. In LR Mobile (V 6.1.0) I have toggled "on"  Auto Import from Camera Roll. In LR Classic the Folder iPhone appears as it always has but the 40 images taken with the Apple Camera that went into Photos have about 10 images with unwanted, stacked Virtual Copies. I was shooting images of landscape. Same setting. Did not stop to view the images, review them in LRM or Photos, yet some have the stacked Virtual Copies and the others are appearing in LR Classic>iPhone folder without an associated Virtual Copy. When I go online to Adobe.com I find the same "virtual" images there plus the others that are not associated with a "virtual copy". But on Adobe.com the "duplicated" images have one stating "iPad" and the other being "iPhone". Yet on LR Classic the virtual copy and the original reside in the iPhone Folder and not in the iPad folder. I have LRM on my iPad and had the toggle "on" for adding images from Camera Roll. I have turned that off now as I suspect that is the source of the problem.

Question: If the problem is having both LRM on my iPad and iPhone set to autoimport from Camera Roll why am I not seeing this duplication issue on all photos taken with the same set up?  

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