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Rush Mobile Guided Workflow—What to Shoot? Corporate Video

Adobe Employee ,
Feb 07, 2020 Feb 07, 2020

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Corporate and business communication videos make up some of the most common and popular videos there are in existence. Unless you work in a corporate environment, you just don't see them much in public. This is because corporate videos are mainly used for internal purposes. Corporate video as a field of business can be a very lucrative business opportunity for video creators and is, therefore, worthy to mention. 


You do need clients or your own business to create videos of this sort, however. There are a wide variety of topics that end up as subjects of corporate video, almost too many to mention. Common videos include sales presentations, trade show demos, training videos, and best practices for a given business to name a few.


  • Your video content, which often include scripts and storyboards, will more than likely be dictated by the client, however, you can often help the client come up with the content for an added fee.
  • Usually an A/V script will help guide the planning your shoot. More on that in a moment.
  • An A/V script can help you determine the exact shots you'll need for your corporate video. This is called a shot list.
  • Before you write a script, though, you'll need to have a better idea on what your video is about. Here's some ways on how to generate ideas for the video.

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