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Rush Mobile Guided Workflow—What to Shoot? Event

Adobe Employee ,
Feb 07, 2020 Feb 07, 2020

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Shoot an event, like a concert, a speech, a wedding or school play. These types of events all have certain common traits which make these shoots more reliable to plan and execute. One main concept you should keep in mind is that you are usually retelling an event. Your job is to make it seem even more compelling by using editing to tell the story even better than when it actually happened.


Events, in order to present them in their best light, require a fair share of planning. However, since others are doing the performing in most cases, and you are just recording their actions, there is little in the way of actual writing that goes into the shoot ahead of time. Therefore, the more attention to anticipating and planning the actions of those you are recording, the more choices you will have in the actual retelling of the event. This is not that difficult to do, since most events are fairly predictable in nature.


With knowledge of the event in advance, you can begin developing a plan to get you to the finish line.


  • Meet with the those organizing and acting in the event. See what details you can anticipate ahead of the shoot.
  • Once you know about some of the anticipated actions happening at the event, you can start planning the shots for the event. For this, you'll create a shot list. That way, you are making sure all your bases are covered.
  • Though an A/V script is not necessary, a shooting schedule of anticipated actions that take place during the event is. 
  • In the plan, build in extra time to plan to shoot any close ups, interviews, or b-roll.
  • Finalize your plan, then head to the shoot.
  • After the event is complete, you can begin editing.

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