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OT: Easy Fibonacci Sequence Hack (NO MATH)

Community Expert ,
Nov 07, 2023 Nov 07, 2023

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Whether you work with graphics, typography,  illustration, painting or photography, you're probably familiar with "The Golden  Ratio" or "Fibonacci Sprial" used to achieve harmoniously balanced compositions.  It's everywhere in nature.   But how often do you use it in your own artwork?


Most artists (myself included) are too lazy to do the math because it requires paper, pencil & calculator to multiply rectangles by Phi 1.618.  We rely on simpler methods like "The Rule of Thirds" or worse, we "Eyeball it."  🙄 


Q: What if you could visually find that elusive "Golden Mean" without doing ANY math?

A: Enter "Anatomy of a Rectangle" or "Dynamic Symmetry."


This is a game changer.  Once you know this technique, you'll never plan your compositions the same way.  It's helped me a lot and I hope you try it.



Nancy O'Shea— Product User, Community Expert & Moderator
Alt-Web Design & Publishing ~ Web : Print : Graphics : Media






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