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Help needed to resurrect a failed Areca RAID6

Community Beginner ,
Apr 02, 2017 Apr 02, 2017

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If anyone could help on this I would be extremely grateful.

We have a RAID 6 running on a 1880x STORPORT.

After a power failure to the external RAID box during slacktime (the computer was on, but nothing was running on it, so no data being written), the BIOS startup screen stated that RAID 6 was not in NORMAL state. After bootup, ARECA Raid controller showed that RAID set has FAILED.

So I ran RESCUE and restarted. Then SIGNAT. Then LeVeL2ReScUE. The RAID came up as NORMAL in the ARECA web interface but inaccessible by Windows.

Then I performed a Volume Consistency Check with both tick boxes checked (Scrub bad block and Re-compute Parity). The process took just over 12  hours and now the machine boots up showing the RAID being there at BIOS stage, with the correct volume size.

However, clicking on the drive in Windows results in Windows saying 'Drive is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupt.' Looking at it in Drive Manager shows it as an empty partition, the only option being to format it. Naturally I haven't formatted.

While we do have backup for most of the material on this RAID, there is some recent work that we would like to keep and appear to have lost.

Does anyone have any idea what my next steps would be?

Thanks in advance.






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