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Acrobat Attach PDF to Outlook Email No Longer Working

New Here ,
Mar 05, 2024 Mar 05, 2024

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Hi everyone,


Recently, I haven't been able to use the send PDF to email feature with Outlook, which attaches the PDF file to email automatically. I've updated Adobe to the latest version with a subscription now, hoping that would work, and still no luck. It works when attaching to webmail, but not to Outlook. I don't use webmail. I've tried reinstalling Adobe Acrobat and even Outlook (clean reinstalls and restarts in between), but none of that fixes the issue. It doesn't matter whether Outlook is already open or not. I've also tried other workarounds in other posts, like disabling an Outlook addon or setting Outlook as the default without sending link under Adobe preferences, and no luck there either. Trying the admin Windows user account didn't work either from a prior suggestion. It always looks like it's about to work, but doesn't.


I noticed that every time I try it, there is an Outlook tray icon saying that another application is using Outlook. It specifically happens when using the send to email feature. I've tried restarting and even disabling some programs as posts surrounding that suggest, and none of that fixes that error. That includes completely terminating that icon and Outlook. It only happens when using Adobe to Outlook specifically. It is also worth noting that prior to this, Microsoft Excel randomly disappeared out of nowhere in Windows 10 and completely reinstalling Office fixed that, but this attach to Outlook hasn't worked, probably since then. Completely repairing Adobe and repairing/reinstalling Office doesn't fix any of that though. I've tried virtually everything I can find online related to this issue and none of that works. I've lost too many hours on this issue already. Super annoying.


Any suggestions that might actually work for a change?

General troubleshooting , Modern Acrobat , PDF






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