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Transparency Blending Space changes after replacing pages

Community Beginner ,
Jul 24, 2022 Jul 24, 2022

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I had live transparencies in my document and I decided to flatten them (one by one, by using Photoshop as an external editor, either from Indesign, either from Acrobat, depending on the case).


Now the document has no live transparencies at all. The Preflight in Acrobat confirms this.


However, the Flattener Preview still detects that some pages have Transparency Blending Space that is NOT set to 'None' (since there're no more live transparencies, I expected that this will automatically be set to 'None').


I wonder why this happens. There're no transparent objects anymore.


I think that this happens on some pages that I have imported into the PDF in Acrobat (by using 'Replace Pages'). Before I imported them, their Transparency Blending Space was set to 'None' (when I had these pages as separate PDFs). This changed after I imported them into the main PDF. I wonder why?


Should I now set the Transparency Blending Space to 'None' for the whole document under Flattener Preview or maybe in a different way, if it exists? Do you think that this will be safe, since there're no more live transparencies in the document?



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